The Story of Danny Sharone

Born June 23, 1979 in St. Augustine, Florida, Danny Sharone was raised in Tifton, GA by his grandparents. Then to later moved with his mom back to Florida in the city of Jacksonville. After high school, he decided to serve his country by joining the US Navy and US Army where he served a total of 10 years.


Danny Sharone always knew he had a passion for fashion since high school and in 2003, he made the decision to go after his passion, which was owning and building his own clothing company.


Understanding the purpose and destiny that God had given him, he enrolled in the Fashion Design Program at Wade College in Dallas, TX, receiving his degree in Fashion and shortly after enrolled in the Motion Picture Production Program at KD College in Dallas, TX, receiving his degree in Film.


Danny Sharone is a designer, entrepreneur and visionary. His love for design and creativity is above and beyond what anyone else could imagine. His fashion sense will bring style and excellence to not just the fashion industry, but also the world. He believes in providing quality and affordable products and nothing less. Danny Sharone will provide fashion designer clothing for men, women and children. As you follow the vision of Danny Sharone, you will witness purpose, greatness and destiny! 

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